Quality assurance advice (Q&A) - Volume 5

BY Rolf Uys

Q: I work for a large food processing company. Our biggest problem is birds.  We have tried everything to control this problem and nothing seems to work. What advice do you have for us?


A: Birds are a major concern in food production and retail establishments. In my 15 years of food safety auditing, birds have probably been the no.1 cause of audit fails. The food safety risks associated with birds are largely underestimated.  Bird droppings carry a plethora of pathogens that could affect the food produced or the health of employees.  Salmonella being the most concerning.  Furthermore, bird droppings physically deteriorate buildings and strain cleaning resources. Nests, feathers and droppings block gutters and drains that may damage buildings indirectly.  


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 February 19, 2014
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Food Safety
Rolf Uys

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