Quality assurance advice (Q&A) - Volume 2

BY Rolf Uys

Rolf Uys works for AIB International, a prominent, USA based food safety training and auditing company. He holds the position of Manager for Africa, Middle East and Europe. Rolf holds a MSc. In Food Science from Stellenbosch and has 15 years’ experience in Food Safety Auditing and Training. During this time he has visited over 2000 food processing facilities across the globe.

He is very passionate about food safety and loves giving practical food safety advice in the line of his duties. He really wants to make a difference in helping South African food processing companies becoming world class. In this column he aims to offer a service to our readers by answering and giving practical advice to typical food safety questions.


Q: What exactly is Food Defence? Our audits require us to have a food defence programme. What does this entail? We have very good security procedure. Is this good enough?


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 October 07, 2013
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Food Safety
Rolf Uys

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