Cleaning Cloth Management

BY Merle Litshie

Cloths are widely used during cleaning and sometimes for sanitizing in the food industry, it is therefore very important to clean, maintain and dispose of cleaning cloths when necessary or as required. Dirty cloths can spread bacteria in food manufacturing factories (especially preparation areas). Bacteria could easily spread to food contact areas especially if employees do not follow basic hygiene practices.


Cleaning cloths are a potential source of cross contamination within a food manufacturing environment therefore it is important to avoid the use of cut off’s (usually from used clothes or bedding) as their origin or previous use or exposure is unknown. These further tear into smaller pieces or have threads that could fall into the food stream.


Microfiber, nonwoven fiber and generic kitchen cloths are usually better to use as compared to nonwoven cloths and cotton towels. Cotton towels are often used as they can be laundered and re-used. Re-usable cloths seem more convenient and less expensive but these re-usable cloths are often not properly disinfected. Disposable cloths or paper towels (where applicable) reduce the risk of cross contamination.


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 February 18, 2014
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Food Safety
Merle Litshie

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