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 June 25, 2018
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Food Safety

On Monday, the 18th of June 2018 my GMP journey (for my fellow food safety knowledge hunters out there, GMP stands for 'Good Manufacturing Principles') began. Coming from a background of limited food safety knowledge made me nervous, and I was concerned about being able to keep up with the rest of the class. Arriving at the B&E Conference Centre in Port Elizabeth to a cup of coffee and room full of eager, diverse faces set the tone for the next few days - it was definitely a warm welcome! Azelle, our course facilitator, was passionate and knowledgeable. Her background and experience in manufacturing and processing stemmed from having her own business. This made for some great conversation points, and we all got to share our unique work background as well as our "why" for attending the GMP training course. The small group setting allowed for lots of personal attention, and also gave us the space to interact not only as learners, but as friends, learning from one another's day-to-day activities.


From marketing, labour relations, squid handling, auditing, salt processing to egg packaging; the range and overall skill set of the group brought a lot to the table. Each industry represented had a unique reason for utilizing the GMP course, but the main aim throughout the class was clear: safer food, and smarter business for all.


The course material was filled with many case studies and real-life examples which made grasping the content a lot easier. The visuals from the presentation, as well as the diagrams and animated pop-ups in the learning material kept the course content fresh and varied. The group activites where we had to draw from our own workplace scenarios made the theory practically applicable, and by day three we were confident in being able to incorporate what we had learnt into our everyday tasks. In the home, the workplace and external environments - the GMP course provides a solid foundation as to how we should handle ourselves, facilities and equipment to ensure safer food for everyone. Contamination takes place quickly and easily, so it is crucial to follow the right steps in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.


The course is three full-days, and also includes a work-place assessment where a facilitator evaluates the Good Manufacturing Principles being implemented by the learner. On day three, the learners write a test based on the information and activities covered throughout the course. Each day includes a tasy meal, as well as two tea/coffee breaks. Many potential learners become anxious at the thought of a test at the end of a training period, but honestly, the test was manageable and quite quick to get through. If you're listening, understanding, and following through with the activities as set-out, you are guaranteed to pass with flying colours! Entecom ensures that each learner is adaquately prepared. The take-home knowledge is the basis for how Entecom ensures practical, user-friendly course material. With the GMP training, each topic and Good Manufacturing Principle - waste management and pest control, for example - is covered in great detail. We enjoyed debates surrounding the recent listeriosis outbreak, and spoke of the incredibly powerful ripple effect that the food industry has on human health across the world.


The group was interested and inquisitive, and there were many questions asked throughout the course. I felt that this was an awesome reaffirmation of the ease that we as learners felt in Azelle's presence.


As someone stepping into the food industry from a totally unrelated field - the GMP course was the perfect propelling action that I needed to cover the basics of food safety. The Hungry Food Safety Knowledge Hunter continues... Next stop: HACCP for Supervisors.


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