Help Grow Agro-processing in the Eastern Cape

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Agro-processing companies in the Eastern Cape are invited to be part of the province’s Eastern Cape’s Agro-Industrial Manufacturing (AIM) Cluster, which has been established to identify and address shared opportunities and challenges facing the sector.


AIM provides a vital link between government at local, provincial and national level and the agro-processors. It also hosts regular meetings where member companies can network, and share problems and experiences. The AIM Secretariat facilitates the unlocking of synergies between the member companies, and helps companies to identify and enter new markets. AIM also works closely with organisations supporting primary producers in order to help strengthen the supply chain for agro-processors.

Meetings are held in East London and Port Elizabeth.


To find out more visit the website here or speak to the chairperson, Derek Zimmerman, on 083 2636796.


The following dates have been scheduled for the sub-cluster meetings:

Port Elizabeth:                                                                  

Fresh Produce Stakeholder session: 29 January                         
Meat Processing Stakeholder session: 5th Feb                      
Natural Fibres: 6th Feb 
East London
Fresh Produce Stakeholder session: 7th Feb
Meat Processing Stakeholder session: 8th Feb
The purpose of the sessions:

  • Information session informing sub clusters of the role and purpose of the AIM cluster and to identify a sub cluster champion who would be able to represent the sub cluster interests, concerns and challenges.
  • Identify their specific skills development needs.
  • Introduce the DEDEAT market intelligence portal
    Any stakeholders who would like to attend or require further information please contact the chairperson, Derek Zimmerman, on 083 2636796 or via email at derekzim@worldonline.co.za
 January 21, 2019
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