January 17, 2019
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Food Safety

A Guide for Your Journey Towards Achieving Food Safety System Certification: Part 1 - Chapter 1 It’s crazy to think that the new year is upon us. Wash your hands and deeply sanitise (we have a course for that over here) all of 2018, and embrace 2019 with a cleansed, refreshed and healthy mindset. It’s the new year after all, and there are some big dreams to be realised. Have you written a list of new year’s resolutions? Goals for your business? A strong mission, in both a personal and a business capacity, is so important.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful, restful break, and that your vision for 2019 is clear and strong. Food safety is at an exciting place with consumer interest and awareness around our industry becoming more and more apparent. Our mission is to ensure safer food, and by this, smarter business for all food businesses. We are here to help you achieve your food safety goals this year. We’ve drawn up some easy points to get you going.

1. Begin your food safety journey with the end in mind

Yes, you’ve finally got it. The idea, the team, and now it all needs to be put into action. Our free Entecom eBook; A Guide for Your Journey Towards Achieving Food Safety System Certification: Part 1 - Chapter 1 is packed with the beginning steps you’ll need to take to get your food business where it needs to be. You can download this here. Step one on the journey is compliance with the Legislation and the R638. This is the first food safety compliance requirement that you need to master, and once this box is ticked, you can confidently move on to the next step. When you start your journey, you will need to invest in food safety training to get your staff and systems in line with the standards. Check what we have to offer here.

2. Ensure that you’re compliant with the relevant food safety legislation

Once your facility has been issued with the Certificate of Acceptability, you will need to think of the next step of your journey towards Food Safety Certification. The journey can be long and hazardous, but we aim to help you map out the road so that you can take small steps to achieving the bigger picture. Part two of chapter one in our eBook series outlines the next leg of your exciting Journey Towards Food Safety Certification. Download this colourful eBook here.

3. Move boldly in the right direction

Now that you will have familiarized yourself with all the requirements, it is so easy to get caught up in feeling overwhelmed and becoming paralysed from taking action. This is where the rot sets in and you can start quivering and procrastinating. You need to keep the momentum going, keep moving forward, focusing on your food certification goals no matter what. We encourage you to move boldly in the right direction. Pursue your passion with courage, and don’t take shortcuts when it comes to quality and food safety. As you journey along, you will come across new topics such as Food Fraud and yes, we have that covered too, read how to deal with food fraud in one of our eBooks here.

4. Don’t be afraid of the ‘new’

We’re quickly moving into a very digital space, and our online community is growing and hungry for knowledge and interesting food business solutions. Don’t miss out on this fantastic space - it’s truly a whole new world and can mean big things for your food business. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive our eBooks by registering here. We still have many more eBooks and tools planned to assist you on your food safety journey. There are exciting things in store for you!

5. Ask for help where you aren’t sure

Starting on a business journey, especially in food, is scary and compliance is a major responsibility.  Don’t let this dampen your entrepreneurial spirit, we need SMEs in our country and we make it our business to help you along your journey. Our friendly, well-equipped team of Entecom consultants have the knowledge and guidance you need to help you throughout your journey. We are able to tailor our extensive range of training courses and food safety consulting solutions to your business needs.

The content of our eBooks will give you a good taste of the journey ahead. You’ll see, with the right support and coaching - anything is possible.

Let’s make 2019 a prosperous one. Our food industry is constantly evolving, and it’s an exciting, growing space for all of us. Entecom is passionate about our clients, and we’re happiest when we can make life easier and more manageable for our clients. We’ve helped countless food businesses grow and succeed in their audits, and we have no doubt that we’ll continue to grow and succeed in our pursuit towards safer food, and smarter business in our beautiful country.

To access our training calendar for 2019, click here

Contact us at info@entecom.co.za

and let’s get you going.

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