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 August 25, 2019
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We posted the following question on social media: 

When it comes to food safety my biggest frustration is....

We share the following food safety frustration received by one of our followers oin the food industry:

"When things go wrong and employees do not report in fear of the repercussions, not understanding that the failure to report is a much bigger risk to their livelihood than disciplinary action or a reprimand. Changing the culture of employees and management to understand and take ownership is the biggest challenge a Food safety officer or Quality Manager faces."


Our Entecom Gauteng West team responds with the following suggestion:
"You seem to have rightly diagnosed the real issue in your choice of words when you use the word “culture”. The issue of fear speaks of something beyond food safety. If the organisation has punished or reprimanded staff over similar incidents before,  then it would seem logical for others to fear. This may be more of an organisational culture issue than it is a food safety issue. The onus is on the management to create the environment where people are not scared to report.
Reward those that report and then conduct a thorough investigation to determine the root cause. The problem may not relate to staff negligence but could be due to a faulty process or even a management issue."


Having some guidance on your approach towards a root cause analysis may assist you in getting to the bottom of an issue that may be causing a flaw in your food safety management system

Contact us at info@entecom.co.za to learn more about our Root Cause Analysis Workshop.

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