SDL... What the?

BY Clarice Oelofse

My goodness. I have just survived an hour long presentation to try and explain the importance of Skills Development in South Africa. The interesting thing is that South Africa has one of the best skills development strategies in the world (theoretically).


Anyway, back to SDL. The Skills Development Act of 1998 provides a framework for the development of skills in the workplace. In a nutshell, this Act stipulates that all organisations in South Africa with a wage bill of R500 000 or more, must pay 1% of this bill as a levy. This 1% is collected by SARS, together with PAYE and UIF. The levy is fixed at 1% “leviable amount”. The levies are distributed by the respective SETA (Sector Education & Training Authorities). Your SETA is responsible to manage the skills development process and administer the SDL.


Have a look to see how your money is spent:


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 April 15, 2014
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