FSMS - Simple & Short Desc

BY Clarice Oelofse

The process when deciding to implement a Food Safety Management System can be intricate and complicated . Let's see how we can make it easier to understand by describing the key steps involved.


1. Go for a Gap Assessment. This will give you a report on findings and recommendations as well as a good idea where to start from. 


At this point the client opts to address all findings and corrective options themselves or request a capable consultant to help address the findings and/or implement a system from scratch. If so, you will move straight to Nr8. 
2. Client considers to implement FSMS
3. Requests formal proposal
4. Client Accepts & Service Level Agreement is signed
5. Implementation dates agreed upon
6. Implementation of FSMS (document development & staff training / coach and mentor staff)
7. Pre-Audit & close out findings
8. Independent Third Party Audit (external)
9. Close out findings
10. Maintenance Of FSMS – either in-house or as an outsourced maintenance function.


We can assist with all the steps involved, apart from Nr 8, beacuse you can't implement and externally audit your own system, right? 


Contact us info@entecom.co.za and we will help where we can.



 October 13, 2015
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Clarice Oelofse

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