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BY Clarice Oelofse

Honestly, I think the world of food safety is extremely complicated and, well, downright scary. The amount of admin (read traceability, non-conformance reports, corrective action reports, HACCP Studies (ok even I know about HACCP), drawing up of process flow diagrams, SOP’s, and other related admin procedures) can be quite overwhelming. Then don’t forget to mention all the foreign terminology used in the documents – such as Codex Alimentarius & SANS Something (I am a normal, plain Afrikaans girl, and I think in Afrikaans too, rerig) is... sigh… Codex Alimentarius is Latin, meaning “Book of Food”, and SANS is the South African National Standard, but where do they get the digits from, like 10047 and 10330?


So I have decided to start a blog. Every month I will share with you details about my experiences in this strange unknown world called Food Safety (I studied Marketing, not Analytical Chemistry), and will invite you to do the same. This month is still a blank, but hopefully next month I’ll have something more to say about this topic...

 March 10, 2014
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Food Safety
Clarice Oelofse

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