Cata Community Training

BY Angela Jordan

Our office recently conducted some training in deep rural Eastern Cape in an area called Cata, which is about 120km from East London.  We often conduct training in way out places and many are pretty much the same.  Cata, which means ‘add a little bit’ however, made a big impression.


When driving into the area, which is situated in the Amatole mountains, I often wondered if we were lost, as we squirreled our way through the tiny little roads, with houses right on the verge.  When we reached the top of the mountain, we saw an unexpected settlement called the Cata chalets.  A beautiful, neat and well managed facility.  And to add, the views are magnificent. Quoting from their website “The Cata story is about people co-operating with one another and pulling together, about fostering partnerships, about deliberately adopting an intergrated approach to development.  It’s about a small community coming together to achieve something big.” 


In 2000 the community were awarded a betterment claim from the government.  Half the value of the claim was utilised to better the community.  The funding was utilised for projects in the area - a community hall, new classrooms and refurbishment of an existing school, conversion of a wattle jungle into a managed plantation, upgrading of the irrigation works, promotion of homestead agriculture, upgrading of roads, establishment of a heritage museum and the construction of the chalets.


As the area is popular for birding, biking, hiking and social events, tourism is growing.  Eight enthusiastic ladies attended our Basics for Food Handlers training in order to ensure that good quality and food safety are a priority when preparing food for the tourists.


Visit their website on www.cata.org.za

 July 03, 2014
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Angela Jordan

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