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BY Aileen Uys

South African food manufacturing facilities generally underestimate the need for good food safety management personnel.  Often one will find an accountant or production supervisor that had attended a one day HACCP course being promoted to food safety team leader. A lack of skills could be detrimental to the quality and food safety management program and could even sink the company.  Let’s explore what being a food safety team leader/quality assurance manager entails and what skills are really required?  


The problem is that there is no clear career path available. It’s not like a doctor or pilot where the career path/ courses are clearly mapped out.  Experience has to be accumulated in various different aspects of food production, food safety and people skills. A food safety team leader firstly needs to understand the product they’re producing, the science behind it and the relevant food safety risks.  Technical knowledge in microbiology, chemistry, food production technology and legislation is a must.  Equally important perhaps is the people skills that comes along with the job. 



 March 10, 2014
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Food Safety
Aileen Uys

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