Converting HACCP to FSSC 22000 Effectively and Scientifically Correct

BY Aileen Uys

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system started gaining popularity in South Africa in the mid 90’s. From the seafood and fruit industries who needed HACCP for export, it quickly spread into all food manufacturing establishments. Until recently, it has been the go-to system for companies wishing to export, satisfy customers or otherwise receive acknowledgment for their food safety programs. The national standard to which HACCP can be certified is SANS 10330.


As international trade grows and global safety standards get tougher, HACCP on its own is no longer deemed good enough. The industry is demanding more comprehensive and more globally accepted food safety standards. Enter FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Systems Certification 22000). This is accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative and is ISO 22 000 (International Standards Organisation) based, that makes it easy to incorporate into other ISO based systems i.e. ISO 9000, 14 000 or 22000. FSSC 22000 is the most popular food safety certification system currently in South Africa, with BRC (British Retail Consortium) a close second. For modern food manufacturing companies that need recognition for their food safety program, FSSC 22000 is undoubtedly the way forward.


But, now what if you are a Food Manufacturer and have a HACCP program in place, and now feel ready to upgrade to FSSC 22000. How does one go about doing that in an efficient, cost effective manner, but also ensuring it is technically correct and will satisfy the customers?


FSSC 22000 consists of 2 standards namely ISO 22000 and ISO 22002/1. The former deals with the food safety management system (of which HACCP makes up a large chunk) and the latter is the prerequisites. The biggest task in the conversion process to FSSC 22000 is the working through the standards and writing and implementing procedures to satisfy all the required clauses. This does take time because there are plenty that are not covered by HACCP alone. The two aspects we find (that those who have HACCP and have attempted the conversion process), struggle with most is implementing OPRP’s (Operational Prerequisite Programs) and implementing a bioterrorism program. There are unique additions to FSSC 22000, that cannot be found in the traditional HACCP.

Then, off course a new policy manual needs to be written that encompasses all new FSSC 22000 procedures and refers to old HACCP and Prerequisites procedures. We at Entecom appreciate that this conversion process may become tedious and is filled with technical difficulties. But rest assured, we have assisted many companies in this process and could also guide your company through this process.


So, take guessing out of FSSC 22000 and let us help you convert. We have a range of solutions varying from FSSC 22000 hazard analysis, CCP and OPRP templates through to fixing your entire manual.

 September 09, 2013
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Aileen Uys

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