basic hygiene awareness training workshop


Food handlers are often the cause of food poisoning due to poor hygiene practices. Adherence to the food requirements is essential to ensure the survival of any food company. This training provides all food handlers with a general awareness of the importance of adhering to Food Hygiene Practices and the implications for the consumer, employer and employee if these basic hygiene practices are not adhered to. This workshop makes use of a hand washing demonstration with fluorescent cream as well as a DVD which emphasizes the impact of poor hand-hygiene and the resulting cross-contamination risk in a food environment. A second DVD is shown to emphasize the importance of implementing good personal hygiene practices within the home and the impact of these hygiene practices within the workplace. This course is customized to suit the requirements relevant to the Food Sector and is based on the requirements of the R638, SANS 10049 and ISO/ TS 22002-1.


  • Company Code of Conduct
  • Basic Food Microbiology
  • Protective Clothing requirements
  • Personal Hygiene at home and at work
  • Reporting of illnesses, injuries, cuts etc.
  • Reporting of non-conformances
  • Clean-as-you-go
  • Handling of waste
  • Food Defence
  • Allergen Controls


  • Learners receive a Certificate of Attendance for the Basic Hygiene Awareness Course
  • The workshop is customized to ensure that current poor practices are highlighted and discussed in detail during the training
  • Training can be conducted in isiXhosa, isiZulu, English and Afrikaans
  • Training is conducted in-house with access to the learner’s workplace ensuring relevancy and practical application

Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

  (041) 366 1970 / 80
   084 5519 524

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