This skills programme is tailored for the fishing industry and addresses the fundamental food hygiene practices for crew on fishing vessels as well as fish processing or packing facilities. Learners will learn about all the HACCP inspections and records which form an integral part of the HACCP System. Reference is made to the compulsory specification for frozen fish, frozen marine molluscs - VC 8017.

DURATION: 3 Days Theory & 1 Day Workplace Assessment

Course Content

  • Understand the fundamentals of Food Safety principles and practices
  • Understand documentation and record keeping requirements
  • Identify different seafood species and their handling procedures
  • Personal safety requirements when handling and sorting raw seafood
  • Ability to identify safe/unsafe practices in a food handling environment
  • Report hazards identified within the work environment
  • Learn proper methods of handling chemicals
  • Understand the basics of microbiology and the concept of microbiological contamination
  • Understand the importance of personal hygiene practices
  • Cleaning and sanitation practices
  • The correct method of storing cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Pest control
  • Process control
  • Record keeping
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Waste Management
  • Identification and traceability
  • Control of non-conforming products
  • Customer complaints
  • Transportation, distribution and storage
  • Temperature control and good stock rotation


  • Accredited Training course - recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority
  • Competent learners will achieve a Certificate of Competence endorsed by the FoodBev SETA
  • Training can be conducted in isiXhosa, English and Afrikaans
  • Training is customized and workplace based to ensure relevancy and practical application
  • Practical assessments are conducted in the workplace to ensure application of all the above outcomes
Unit Standard TitleNo.NQF LevelCredits
Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a Food Safety System12040324
Personal Hygiene, Health and Presentation12040414
Apply personal safety practices in a food or sensitive consumer product environment12041625
Understand the control of pests and waste materials as part of a food safety system12041723
Sort and handle raw seafood manually894225
Clean and sanitise food manufacturing equipment and surfaces manually12041014
Total Credits 25
Articulation: General Education and Training Certificate in Food and Beverage Handling Process - NQF Level 1

Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

  (041) 366 1970 / 80
   084 5519 524

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