The primary focus of any food safety management system should be on the effective management and control of the preventive programmes such as GMPs and HACCP. Microbiological monitoring programmes will simply verify whether these preventive measures are working. This course will teach you how to use a scientific approach when compiling your Environmental Monitoring Programme (EMP), and how to establish microbiological criteria using legislation and guidelines. The Environmental Monitoring Programme (EMP) should be an important management tool to provide data which should tell you whether the GMPs are working or not. In this course you will learn about the main food pathogens, how to identify which food pathogens are a risk to your product, how to select your food microbiology testing laboratory, interpretation of your lab results and when and how to take corrective action when results are out of specification.


  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Main food pathogens
  • Growth factors
  • Indentifying the food pathogens relevant to the main food product categories
  • Production zoning
  • Compiling an Environmental Monitoring Program (EHP)
  • Establishing microbiological criteria
  • Taking aseptic samples
  • Storage and transport of micro samples
  • Selecting a Food Microbiological Laboratory



  • The Food Safety Manager
  • Quality Controllers
  • Laboratory staff


  • Case studies, group activities and discussions make this a fun and interactive course
  • Micro-monitoring programme templateswill be provided
  • Comprehensive course manual per delegate
  • The workshop can be customized to ensure that current poor practices are highlighted and discssed in detail during the training
  • Establishing microbiological criteria
  • Learners receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • Training can be conducted in-house with access to the workplace ensuring relevance and practical application

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