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What are Gap assessments?

Gap assessments are conducted to determine the gaps in your current Food Safety / QMS / OHAS / EMS system against the requirements of the standard you wish to be certified to.


When are Gap Assessments conducted?

Gap assessments are often conducted prior to implementation to gauge the amount of work involved, to prepare a budget and a project plan before getting started.


Gap assessments are also conducted when companies wish to progress from one certification standard to another and wish to determine the gaps between the current and the new standard.


How can Entecom assist you?

We will not only highlight the deficiencies in the current system but will also provide clear guidance as to how to address the deficiencies, saving you time, money and endless hours of frustration.


For more information on our Gap Assessment service please click here



What is a Pre-certification Readiness audit?

Entecom offers Pre-certification readiness audits for companies who have been progressing with their system implementation and wish to determine whether they are ready for their certification audit.


Why do companies conduct a Pre-certification Readiness Audit?

Companies request a Pre-certification readiness audit to ensure that they have not missed anything and that that they have in fact addressed all the requirements of the relevant standard before going ahead with the certification audit.


How can Entecom assist you?

A Pre-certification readiness audit performed by Entecom will give your company a practice run and get a feel for how the actual certification audit will be conducted.


To learn more about our Pre-certification Readiness audits click here



What is an internal audit?

Often the most under utilised management tool in food safety and other quality management systems, internal audits, when conducted properly, will ensure that you systems perform effectively in ensuring food safety and quality objectives.


Why are internal audits necessary?

Effectively implemented Internal Auditing Programme can contribute towards a company meeting its food safety, quality and business objectives and allso taking a proactive approach in mitigating any potential risks.


How can Entecom help you?

Entecom consultants will ensure that the audits are effective and address both systems and operational aspects of your business. Entecom auditors not only look for conformance to standards but also look beyond the obvious to identify better and smarter ways of managing your systems.


To learn more about our Internal Auditing service click here



What is a Hygiene Audit?

The hygiene programme has been developed to assist food catering establishments such as restaurants or food preparation areas in retail stores with the implementation of a food safety standard that is based on the local Food Hygiene Regulation as well international food safety standards.

What does a Hygiene Audit consist of?

It consists of a detailed inspection of your food facility and includes an inspection of your records such as  traceability, daily hygiene and temperature checklists. Food samples, hand and surface swabs are also taken to test for the presence of any food pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli. 


How can Entecom help you?

Entecom consultants will audit your facility using a risk-based approach consisting of a combination of scheduled and unannounced audits to help you effectively monitor your hygiene standards providing you with peace of mind.


To learn more about the hygiene audit programme contact Head Office on (041) 3661970/80 or info@entecom.co.za

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